Revel in the unique Tang Music Box karaoke experience in the prime entertainment hub of Clarke Quay. Be instantly charmed by the delectable array of imported snacks and drinks selection, as you enter the thematic rooms that will provide you the space and comfort for your enjoyment needs. With state-of-the-art facilities and wide music catalogue, this is your ideal hangout spot for families and friends alike.

Tired of picking out green peas from a bowl of house nuts? Because we value our customers and believe that you truly deserve only the best, we offer a range of premium snacks in our concept store.

Munch on your favourite packet of Kettle chips and no, sharing is not caring so grab one all for yourself! Apart from our well stocked concept store which is a perfect place for customers to mingle and jingle, check out our uniquely themed rooms that are sure to channel you from blue Mondays to happy TGIFs.

Soak yourself in the ambience and sing till you’re hoarse like a horse. We do not wish to dictate the room size based on group size. With the current pricing structure, patrons are able to choose a room type/size based on their spending preference. Intend to spend more on food and drinks? Enjoy a spacious room even with less pax!


TIP: Enjoy additional 3 hours of singing on us when you double you minimum spend. Why not? You still need to drink and eat more as you sing!

Treat all of your senses to this one-of-a-kind karaoke experience!

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